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Ashburn Wednesday 27 Sep 2023
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A Zambian student serving 9 years jail term in Russia killed in Ukraine while fighting for Russian army.

By BNN Newsroom
A Zambian student serving 9 years jail term in Russia killed in Ukraine while fighting for Russian army.

According to Thabo Kawana, a spokesperson for Zambia’s ministry of information and media said that the ministry of foreign affairs is leading efforts to transfer Lemekhani Nathan Nyirenda’s body back to Zambia for burial.

Kawana stated that the foreign minister is in contact with Nyirenda’s family and has visited them.

“The government is also extending support during this difficult time and doing everything they can to arrange for the funeral and return of the remains to Zambia,” the foreign minister stated.

We will be able to learn more about this issue by using our diplomatic channels and our year-round partnership with Russia.

He is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence in Russia, and his family and the Zambian government are still waiting for Moscow to explain how he joined the army.

Student Nyirenda was raised by middle-class parents Edwin and Florence Nyirenda, who taught at the University of Zambia. The youngest of four kids, he was young.

Zambia, according to Kakubo, has requested answers about the student’s death and why he was transferred to Ukraine.

Many Zambians are horrified by the news, but they are also unhappy that the government has not provided more information to explain the circumstances that led to the student’s deployment to Ukraine.

Having agreed to a press request, the Russian Embassy in Lusaka declined to provide information on the incident.

Last Monday, Zambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Stanley Kakubo announced that Nyirenda, who was studying at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, was serving a nine-year prison sentence for a drug offense.

He said Nyirenda was killed on the war zone in September, but Russian officials had just recently informed Zambia of his death.


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