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Boydton Wednesday 27 Sep 2023
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US-India Defense Talks: To Produce Military Systems Reports the Pentagon Official

By Ayesha Mumtaz
US-India Defense Talks: To Produce Military Systems Reports the Pentagon Official
US-India Defense Talks: A Focused Approach towards Intelligence, Surveillance, and Conventional Warfare

Aiming for a Mutual Defense Production Agreement

The United States is currently in discussions with India to produce military systems focusing on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as ground-based conventional warfare. This was revealed by Siddharth Iyer, Director for South Asia Policy, Office of the Secretary of Defense, during an event organized by the Hudson Institute. The aim of these talks is to finalize the security of supply arrangement and streamline the procurement process for defense firms. The discussions are reportedly advancing well.

In addition to this, the US intends to establish a reciprocal defense procurement agreement with India. This would facilitate and streamline market access between the US and Indian defense industries, making it easier for the defense firms in both countries to cooperate and produce defense technologies. Iyer emphasized that the US-India relationship is one of the Pentagon’s top priorities, and getting this relationship right is essential to achieving the US strategy in the Indo-Pacific region.

US-India Defense Roadmap: Prioritizing Military Collaboration

Iyer also shed light on the India-US defense roadmap. This document identifies the priority military areas for collaboration between the industries of both nations. It suggests concrete mechanisms for integrating supply chains and establishes an oversight mechanism to prevent bureaucratic obstacles and regulatory barriers from impeding progress.

One of the significant initiatives in this regard is the GE engine deal, which grants India access to advanced jet engine technology. Although this is technically an arrangement between private companies, the governments of both countries have worked closely together, balancing technology security and national security requirements.

Future Prospects: ISR and Conventional Ground-Based Warfare

The US-India defense partnership is expected to progress further in the coming months, with a particular focus on areas such as ISR and conventional ground-based warfare, according to Iyer. The focus of these future collaborations is on accelerating India’s military modernization and advancing its indigenous defense production capabilities.

The discussions between the two countries are indicative of a mutual recognition of the importance of strengthening defense capabilities and fostering innovation in defense technology. With the evolving geopolitical scenario in the Indo-Pacific region, the US-India defense partnership may prove to be a significant factor in maintaining regional stability and security.


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