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Moscow Wednesday 27 Sep 2023
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Many young people ride their bikes drunk new study revealed

By BNN Newsroom
Many young people ride their bikes drunk new study revealed

According to research conducted by the Council for Safe Traffic in collaboration with the analysis institute, many young people ride their bikes even when they are drunk. The majority of victims of drunk driving are young people aged 16 to 19, which has been determined to be dangerous.

The Road Institute has described the situation as a major issue, as many young people believe it is simple to get drunk and drive.

In their survey analysis, young people are asked about having difficulty maintaining balance or accidentally hitting a curb or other related objects. The results show that 30% said yes, 67% said no, and 3% remained neutral.

According to the Institute, they will launch a new campaign on Monday to educate young people about the dangers of riding a bicycle while intoxicated. Many young people have been reported to end up in emergency rooms with tooth, face, or body damage, a concussion, or a broken leg.


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