Serial gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, currently imprisoned in Tihar Jail, has recently issued an explicit threat to Bollywood superstar Salman Khan. 

Bishnoi demanded a public apology from the actor, warning him of dire consequences if he failed to comply. 

Bishnoi threatened to break Salman Khan’s ego and publicly threatened the actor while he remained in jail. 

He also demanded that Khan apologize for offending his people by killing a blackbuck. 

According to reports, Lawrence Bishnoi stated, “There is anger in our society for Salman Khan. He humiliated my society. A case was filed against him, but he did not apologize. If he does not tender an apology.” 

Bishnoi’s henchman was reportedly tasked with surveilling Salman Khan’s home and assassinating him due to the actor’s involvement in the 1998 black buck killing case.