Poland is a strong supporter of supporting Ukraine - John Kirby

Poland, as stated by John Kirby, not only is willing to continue hosting American troops on its soil, but also helps the US in its efforts to provide aid.

Referring to the ongoing discussion between Poland and Germany regarding the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks, Kirby said that these are issues that both countries must resolve.

When asked about the announcement of the head of Polish diplomacy, Zbigniew Rau, who said that Poland will submit an application for German approval for the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, he stated: "I would let those two countries speak for themselves. Poland and Germany are significant shareholders in supporting Ukraine's defense needs."

They know what's at stake and they are very open in supporting Ukraine. We all know that the coming weeks and months will be crucial for Ukraine, especially in Donbas. And we know that armaments are something that the Ukrainians will continue to need. We are working together on what to deliver to them as soon as possible," Kirby announced.

John Kirby stressed that the Polish commitment to helping Ukraine is appreciated in Washington.