Ishaq Dar, the federal finance minister, responded on Friday to financial data cited by former premier Imran Khan.

Dar claimed that the opposition has unanimously decided to give up their political capital in order to preserve the nation, holding Imran Khan solely accountable for the current economic disaster.

Dar said that it was Imran who had agreed tough conditions with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) not the incumbent government, due to which the incumbent government is being arm twisted into taking tough decisions.

“We grew the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from $244 billon in 2013 to $356 billion when we left, an increase of $112 billion,” he said, “But during your tenure, it grew only $26b,” he said.

When we left, the stock market capitalization was $100 billion and was rated among the best performing market. But by the time Imran left, the stock market’s capitalization fell to $25 billion.

On circular debt, Dar said that when they came, the circular debt was at Rs503 billion and when they left it was Rs1.158 trillion. But when Imran left, the circular debt increased to Rs2.4 trillion.