A 25-pound clouded leopard that escaped Dallas zoo is found safe

A clouded leopard weighing 25 pounds escaped the Dallas zoo and was missing for more than six hours, was found safe on Friday afternoon

Dashed Trail

Nova went missing shortly after 10 a.m. local time, triggering a "Code Blue" alert, which alerts all staff that a non-dangerous animal has gone missing.

Terrain Map

Although she did not venture far, her escapade resulted in the zoo closing as police officers conducted a search, including using infrared-capable drones to scour the treetops.

The Dallas zoo said on Twitter it was “thrilled to report” it had located Nova “on-grounds at the Zoo this afternoon.”

At the time, Harrison Edell, vice president of animal care at the Texas Zoo, stressed that clouded leopards do not "pose a danger to humans."

Clouded leopards are native to the Himalayas and parts of Southeast Asia and China.