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Boydton Wednesday 27 Sep 2023
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Colombian National Soccer Team’s Potential Strategy: Training at High Altitudes

By BNN Newsroom
Colombian National Soccer Team’s Potential Strategy: Training at High Altitudes
Colombian National Soccer Team's Potential Strategy: Training at High Altitudes

Rumored Plan for the Colombian Team

Speculation has been rife about a unique preparation strategy for the Colombian National Soccer Team. Coach Néstor Lorenzo is allegedly considering a move to the Antioquia region for the team’s upcoming qualifying round. The purpose of this potential relocation is to acclimate the players to high altitudes. The team will be playing in Quito, which is 2,850 meters above sea level, and preparing in similar conditions could provide a performance advantage.

The team’s potential destination is Guarne, a municipality located 2,150 meters above sea level. This move is planned after their game against Uruguay at the Metropolitano on October 12, leaving sufficient time for the players to adapt to the change in altitude. This strategic move could significantly impact the team’s performance in the subsequent matches.

The Coach’s Perspective

In the previous round, Coach Lorenzo mentioned the altitude issue and suggested that they might consider other venues for the team. This statement sparked the speculation about the team’s move to the Antioquia region. The coach’s innovative approach towards preparing the team for the challenges ahead has been widely discussed, and the anticipated move to Guarne could be a game-changer.

The Colombian Football Federation’s Stance

While the rumors continue to circulate, the Colombian Football Federation’s communications department has issued a statement that currently, there are no instructions regarding this change. The Federation’s confirmation or denial about the move is eagerly awaited by the fans, the players, and the sports community. The Federation is expected to make a decision that best serves the interests of the team and contributes to their performance in the upcoming matches.

Conclusion: Awaiting Confirmation

The rumors about the Colombian National Soccer Team’s move to the Antioquia region for altitude adaptation have sparked considerable interest. Coach Néstor Lorenzo’s potential strategy of acclimatizing the players to high altitudes in preparation for their game in Quito could prove to be a significant advantage. However, the Colombian Football Federation has yet to confirm these rumors. The sports community awaits the Federation’s decision and is eager to see how this strategy might impact the team’s performance in the upcoming matches.


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