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Boydton Wednesday 27 Sep 2023
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Therese Hillman: Steering the Future Entrepreneur Competition

By BNN Newsroom
Therese Hillman: Steering the Future Entrepreneur Competition
Therese Hillman: Steering the Future Entrepreneur Competition

A New Juror for the Future Entrepreneur Competition

The annual Future Entrepreneur competition, a prestigious platform for visionary entrepreneurs, has announced a new addition to its jury. Therese Hillman, a renowned economist known for her ability to identify and manage ambitious business ideas, has been appointed as a juror. The competition, organized by SvD and Carnegie, anticipates Hillman’s expertise to bring a new dimension to the contest.

About Therese Hillman

Hillman is currently affiliated with Altor, a leading private equity firm based in Stockholm. At Altor, she has gained recognition for her exceptional ability to recognize the driving force behind business ideas with growth potential. Her experience, insights, and foresight are expected to be invaluable in identifying promising entrepreneurs in the competition.

Expertise and Influence

Hillman’s current role at Altor has established her as an influential figure in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Her experience in managing both ambitious and visionary entrepreneurs is expected to bring a unique perspective to the jury. Hillman’s ability to identify powerful business ideas is anticipated to elevate the competition’s standards and help in recognizing the most promising entrepreneurs.

The Future Entrepreneur Competition

The Future Entrepreneur competition is an annual event that provides a platform for ambitious entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative business ideas. The competition is known for its rigorous selection process, where a jury of experts evaluates the potential of business ideas presented by contestants. The competition has been instrumental in identifying and promoting promising entrepreneurs in the past. With Hillman’s addition to the jury, the competition is expected to continue its legacy of recognizing and nurturing entrepreneurial talent.


The appointment of Therese Hillman as a juror for the Future Entrepreneur competition signifies the competition’s commitment to maintaining high standards in identifying promising entrepreneurs. Hillman’s expertise in recognizing powerful business ideas and her experience in managing ambitious entrepreneurs is expected to bring a fresh perspective to the jury. As the competition continues to provide a platform for budding entrepreneurs, the addition of Hillman to the jury is anticipated to further enhance the competition’s reputation and influence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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