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Boydton Wednesday 27 Sep 2023
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Ajax in Turmoil: Power Struggle, Scrutiny, and A Failed Start

By BNN Newsroom
Ajax in Turmoil: Power Struggle, Scrutiny, and A Failed Start
Ajax in Turmoil: Power Struggle, Scrutiny, and A Failed Start

A Power Struggle at Ajax

Ajax, one of the leading football clubs in the Netherlands, is currently embroiled in an internal power struggle. The bone of contention is the position of the club’s coach, Maurice Steijn, who Sven Mislintat, the technical director, is allegedly seeking to remove. Mislintat has been under scrutiny for some time at Ajax, with critics blaming him for the team’s lackluster performance. Mislintat, however, disagrees, arguing that Steijn should be able to get more out of the existing team.

Reports suggest that Mislintat is seeking support for his decision to remove Steijn from interim general director Jan van Halst, and Maurits Hendriks. However, Steijn seems to have full support from the coaching staff and the players, leading to an apparent power struggle within the club. This internal conflict has only added fuel to the existing chaos at Ajax, which escalated following the team’s loss to FC Twente.

Changing Stances and Scrutiny

Despite previously stating that Steijn would be given ample time to form a cohesive team from the newly recruited players, Mislintat appears to be ready to let him go. However, Mislintat himself is also under scrutiny. Alex Kroes, who will be the general director of Ajax from March 2024, is reportedly not convinced of Mislintat’s abilities. This skepticism extends to scouts and other technical staff members, who have been unimpressed with Mislintat’s performance.

Mislintat’s claim that the delay in getting the team in order was due to the board’s desire for financial security and wanting to sell various players first has been deemed untrue by scouts, youth department members, and staff. They also disagreed with Mislintat’s decision to reject the potential recruitment of Jerdy Schouten and Noa Lang.

Pressure on Steijn

Steijn is reportedly aware that Mislintat wants to remove him and knows that achieving good results, starting with the upcoming match against Olympique Marseille, can save his position. Despite this pressure, Steijn is not swayed by Mislintat’s preferences, further straining the relationship between the technical staff and the technical director.

Additional Controversies

In addition to the internal power struggle, Ajax is also dealing with potential conflict of interest accusations involving Mislintat. Reports suggest that a recent player acquisition was facilitated by a German agency that has stakes in Mislintat’s private company. This has led to an investigation by the club into Mislintat’s activities. Mislintat recently became the largest shareholder of the company with 35 percent. While Ajax was aware of Mislintat’s shares in the company, they were unaware of the agent agency’s shares in his company.

This revelation has further escalated the turmoil at Ajax, adding to the tensions between Mislintat and Steijn. With the team off to its worst league start since 1965 and mounting internal conflicts, the coming weeks will be crucial for Ajax’s future.


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