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BNN: Journalism Reimagined

Navigate a world of news with BNN Breaking – an avant-garde, independent news network redefining journalism for the modern age. Our mission is to transcend the boundaries of traditional reporting, bringing you pure, unadulterated truth.

Amplifying Global Voices

We amplify diverse stories from across the world – from the complexities of geopolitics to local narratives – creating a platform for heightened global awareness.

Unearthing Ground Truths

Our dedicated field reporters delve deep, delivering stories that resonate with authenticity and bring audiences to the heart of events.

Trust In Every Byte

Anchored by the ethos "knowledge prevents chaos", we've stationed correspondents globally, ensuring every story is rooted in truth and relevance.

Everywhere You Are

With our expansive reach across digital platforms, BNN Breaking ensures you never miss out on the news that matters. From major social media channels to our apps on iOS and Android, we're right where you need us to be, delivering stories with precision and timeliness.

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We write the world’s news

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BNN Breaking is an independent news network that is transforming the landscape of journalism and news coverage in contemporary society. We challenge the norms of traditional journalism by providing a superior approach to reporting and disseminating the news.

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Raising awareness

We objectively share global stories, from war and conflict to politics, creating a citizen-focused platform for raising awareness on critical issues.

Reliable reporting

Our on-the-ground reporters deliver news that takes audiences to the heart of the story, providing unfiltered, factual information at the grassroots level.

Rapid and truthful coverage

Our high standards have earned our viewers' trust. 
We believe that "an informed world avoids conflict; an uninformed world creates it," so we have local correspondents in every country globally.

Accessible & ad-free

We are dedicated to covering stories without conflicts of interest. Therefore, we don't rely on ads to fund our coverage. We are available on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat and soon, iOS, and Android.

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