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Wokingham Tuesday 26 Sep 2023
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About us

Empowering millions with tomorrow's answers

Our commitment is to deliver honest, fact-based, and unbiased international reporting that can be trusted. We strive to help citizens address the issues that matter most in their lives. We are the trailblazers, the guardians, and the truth-seekers.

Our mission

Discovering Truth in the Age of Information

Our purpose is not to sell you a story but to provide you with the facts.

News isn’t just about reporting events. It’s about connecting the dots, telling stories that matter, and offering insights that make a difference. Founded by visionary entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal, BNN Breaking represents a paradigm shift in the news arena. We’re not here to merely tell stories; we are here to redefine journalistic excellence.

Our commitment to precision and in-depth analysis commands attention. Day after day, esteemed outlets like The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, CNN, The Daily Beast, and Yahoo News, turn to BNN Breaking for credible insights. Globally, our impact echoes in top-tier platforms such as France24, South China Morning Post, Times of Israel, Al Arabiya, II Post, and International Business Times, among others.

Through meticulous research and an unyielding commitment to authenticity, we equip our audience with news that enlightens, educates, and empowers. We’re the bridge between intricate global events and the public, ensuring that information doesn’t just flow, but illuminates.

Our approach

The Peoples’ Network

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Empowerment Through Awareness

Our journalism doesn't just report; it enlightens. From the tumultuous corridors of politics to the scarred landscapes of conflict zones, we shine a light on global events with unparalleled precision.

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News from Ground Zero

Our international roster of seasoned reporters brings stories straight from the epicenter, ensuring that you receive first-hand, undiluted news.

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For the People, By the People

We're more than just a news network; we're a platform where voices are heard, stories are shared, and realities are unveiled.

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Timely, Transparent, Trustworthy

In the era of rapid-fire information, we uphold the virtues of timely and honest reporting, reaffirming our commitment every day.

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Accessible Everywhere

Our dedication lies in presenting stories devoid of conflicts of interest. Find us on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, TikTok, iOS, and Android, ensuring you stay informed wherever you are.

The why

The media landscape today is a labyrinth, often teeming with misinformation and half-truths. But what if it didn't have to be this way?

At BNN, we are anchored by the conviction that quality journalism has the power to illuminate our path, preventing societal misjudgments and misinformation. Our objective is to clear the fog of distorted narratives, delivering news in its most transparent and untainted form.

The how

BNN Breaking's Offering

In an age where countless individuals are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the mainstream media, BNN Breaking stands out as a bastion of authenticity. Our modus operandi is a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art technology, a robust global cadre of dedicated journalists, and an unyielding allegiance to veracity. Here, news isn’t dramatized for effect; it’s presented in its most genuine essence, acting as a lighthouse for those navigating the tumultuous seas of contemporary media.

Our Values

Catalyzing Change through Responsible Reporting

Under the visionary leadership of our founder, Gurbaksh Chahal, we are resolute in upholding the highest standards of journalism. Integrity isn't just a value; it's our very foundation.

Responsible reporting

To us, accuracy is non-negotiable. Every piece of information undergoes rigorous checks, ensuring our news remains an undeniable source of truth.

Unwavering Ethics

In a world of shifting principles, BNN's code of ethics is steadfast. From our field reporters to our newsroom editors, we're united in our stand against conflicts of interest, biases, and external pressures.

Ahead of the Curve

The media landscape constantly evolves, and so do the challenges it brings. We remain proactive in addressing emerging ethical dilemmas, ensuring our news aligns with the highest moral and professional standards.

Global Editorial Rigor

Our commitment to unbiased reporting is deeply rooted in our global editorial policy. This stringent guideline ensures our adherence to exacting protocols, maintaining the integrity of every piece of information we present.

Empowering Voices

BNN isn't just about reporting news. It's about amplifying voices, championing causes, and fostering a space where every story, every perspective, and every fact holds unparalleled value.

Expanding our reach

BNN Breaking:
A Revolution in Journalism

Opinions don't set our course; solid, undeniable facts do. Our cutting-edge newsroom seamlessly integrates data, technology, and seasoned journalistic expertise. This synergy allows us to dive deep into stories, dissecting every angle, and offering a panoramic view of global events. As we decode the complexities of the world, we remain steadfast in our commitment to unbiased and unfiltered reporting, ensuring our audience receives nothing less than the complete, unvarnished truth

Empowering the Global Citizen

Every article, every report, and every bulletin is crafted with an intent – to inform and empower our readers, fostering a global community that’s knowledgeable and proactive.

Uplifting Community Narratives

We champion community-driven journalism, offering a platform where local stories gain global resonance, ensuring that no narrative goes unheard.

Rewarding Excellence

Our commitment to superior journalism extends to content creators. Through a transparent monetization system, we ensure that quality content is recognized, rewarded, and revered.

The Future of News

We envision a world where information is not just shared but understood, where news is not just consumed but utilized. Join us on this journey, as we redefine the very essence of journalism.

Our founder

Get to know our founder

Together, we aim to transform how individuals access, interact with, and disseminate information, fostering a more enlightened and interconnected global community.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, serial entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist Gurbaksh Chahal envisioned a space for news rooted in facts, driven by data, and devoid of biases. This vision came to life as BNN Breaking.

With an understanding that journalism has the power to shape perspectives and influence decisions on a global scale, Chahal has always been at the forefront of technological innovation. From the tender age of 16, he began harnessing cutting-edge technology to create transformative solutions for businesses, local communities, governments, and global organizations.

While BNN Breaking stands testament to his commitment to revolutionizing the way news is delivered and consumed, Chahal’s entrepreneurial journey doesn’t end here. He proudly wears the hats of Chairman and CEO for two other burgeoning entities part of the Procurenet Group: ProcureNet and Medriva.

Beyond the realm of business, Chahal’s heart beats through his foundation. In 2012, he planted the seeds for The Chahal Foundation. This non-profit endeavor is a reflection of his dedication to uplift communities, be it through disaster relief, global educational infrastructure development, or amplifying awareness on pivotal societal challenges, all aimed at forging a more compassionate and informed world.

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